AAPPR Hallmarks of Recruitment Department Survey
The objective of the survey is to collect basic information regarding your physician and recruitment processes, department technologies, working conditions and the hallmarks that create an effective recruitment department.

1. Are you involved in internal or external recruitment?
   If you selected “Internal Recruitment”, what type of organization employs you?

2. In which state/province is your organization’s main office or headquarters located?

3. How many physicians and providers are in your organization?
Physicians #
Advanced Practice Providers #
Total Providers #

4. Which role best reflects your position?

5. Number of people in your recruitment department?*
*A department for this survey is defined as a group of people working together on a regular basis to recruit, onboard and retrain providers. If your organization is large and has multiple recruitment teams, please consider your immediate team members.
Recruiters (mainly involved in provider recruitment) #
Support staff (mainly provide support functions) #
Total staff #

6. When did your organization last make a major investment (>$10,000) for the recruitment, onboarding, or retention of providers in digital tools* that assist your efforts?
*Digital tools are defined as an ATS, online sourcing portals, email list management, event management systems, time management, social media marketing tools, etc.

7. Did you have a role in that most recent digital tools investment decision?

8. Does your department use an applicant tracking and/or customer relationship management system that is specific to physician/provider recruitment?

9. How would you rate your organization’s commitment to the use of technology throughout the organization?

Working Conditions
10. Please rate the following aspects of your professional role:
Work/Life Balance
Job Satisfaction

11. On average, how many hours do you work in a typical week?

12. Since you’ve been in your department, has turnover been a concern to you?

13. Within the next 3 years, are you likely to:
Stay with your current organization
Leave your current organization

14. Advancement opportunities
Do you feel that there is an opportunity for advancement within your department?
Is there an opportunity for advancement within your organization?

Hallmarks of Physician Recruitment
15. How would you rate your department, in terms of its overall proficiency at recruitment?

16. To what extent do you agree with the following:
My organization’s C-Suite generally enhances the recruitment processes.
The C-Suite is reasonable in its expectations of the time needed to fill open searches.
My organization sets realistic requirements for candidates.(e.g., years of experience, elite education requirements, certifications, etc.)
I have access to the tools and resources necessary to be successful in my role.
My department encourages employee feedback and makes improvements based on it.
My organization supports the use of social media.

17. To whom do you and your department primarily report to administratively?
   (please specify): 

18. To what extent does your department have the ability to vary incentives offered to physicians?

19. Please rate your department’s interactions, communications, and abilities regarding:
Medical staff development
Strategic planning
Negotiating vendor contracts
Overseeing vendor contracts (as related to your department including sourcing tools and agency contracts)
Negotiating provider compensation

20. To what extent do you agree with the following:
There are well-defined pathways/processes in place for approvals/recruitment/etc.
There are scheduled ongoing meetings with leadership and/or operational teams.
There is a well-defined process for most recruitment functions.
There is direct access to and communication with support departments that may touch the recruitment process.

21. Are recruitment/onboarding metrics or other KPIs shared with senior leadership?

22. Does your department reference AAPPR benchmarking data with senior leadership?

23. Does your organization participate in AAPPR’s annual benchmarking survey?
  (If no #23)… Please explain your reason(s) for not participating.